About Us

One of the most important skills you can learn in order to become successful in business and in life is how to manage your time. Since all you have on this Earth are the moments you’re given, it’s crucial that you use them as effectively as possible in order to reach your goals, whether they’re short-term or long-term ones. A good way to start practicing time management skills is by setting a timer to go off when it’s time to change activities or begin work on something new.

With this point and more in mind, welcome to BROODOM.COM. Broodom is a free online timer and stopwatch tool, fast and easy to use. Since the inception of this tool in 2020, we've received a great share of positive reviews.

With Broodom, it’s easy to keep track of time when you have a timer around to remind you of upcoming events and tasks, but why use the timer on your phone or computer when there are dozens of smartphone and watch apps that can do the same thing?

All these questions in your mind are what this website is all about.

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